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Namings | Celebrant | Wendy Weavin

Naming ceremonies



Welcoming a new baby into the world is a BIG DEAL.

Becoming a parent might be something you’ve dreamed about for a long time … and now you’ve actually done it. You’ve got yourself a baby – hello sleepless nights and ENDLESS, ETERNAL LOVE!

Starting (or expanding) your family is a major milestone in your life and, if you’re not religious, then the options for marking this event, in a way that feels truly special, might feel a bit limited.

You may be wondering whether a Christening is really the only ‘proper’ way to celebrate your new arrival – after all, it’s what Gran wants. But what else can you do?

… I’m here to show you another way!

Humanist naming ceremonies allow non-religious or mixed-faith parents to welcome their child in a way that feels personal and relevant to the lives that they actually lead.

Naming Ceremonies | Wendy Weavin | West Midlands


Every naming ceremony is completely unique and totally personalised for that particular family. But there are some common elements:
  • Welcoming your guests.
  • Reflecting on the effect your child has had on your family and the story behind their name.
  • Considering the challenges of parenthood and what being a new mum or dad means to you.
  • Incorporating readings, music or symbolic actions.
  • Promises made by the Parents and Appointed Guide Parents, Odd Parents, Spare Parents or even ‘Sparents’!
  • The naming itself!

In my mind, the best naming ceremonies combine all the significance and spectacle you’d expect from a religious event, like a Christening, with the informality, joy and laughter of a really good family get together! But… informal, formal, relaxed or chaotic – your naming ceremony is whatever you want it to be. They can take place anywhere that you choose and the ceremony can be organised in a way that is right for you.

Again, that’s what I’m here for: to create a fabulous naming ceremony that works for you and your family.

Namings | Celebrant | Wendy Weavin
Naming Ceremonies | Wendy Weavin | West Midlands


There are few milestones as important and literally life changing as gender reassignment for anyone who undergoes this transition. Adopting a new name to reflect this is a significant part of their journey, and is a symbol to the world of the change you have made.

What better way to share and celebrate this occasion in a meaningful way, surrounded by those you hold dear than a Naming or Re-Naming ceremony?

Transgender Re-Naming | Celebrant | Wendy Weavin

Next Steps

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