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Wedding Details

Sunday, 05 November 2017
2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
Mas Montagnette,
198 West 21th Street, NY

+1 843-853-1810

Wedding Ceremony | Non-Religious | Wendy Weavin




I believe that a wedding ceremony should be as unique and special as the couple getting married; an authentic reflection of two individuals and their one-of-a-kind love story. There are no off-the-shelf templates, or empty reflections on love and marriage. I can offer you so much more … every single ceremony I write and conduct is an original and is designed for that couple, and that couple only.

I’m here to tell your love story. A story that no one has heard before…

Putting your ceremony together is a collaborative, fun and thought-provoking process. We’ll choose authentic words and actions that reflect your relationship and beliefs — the unique story of you.

The result will be a wonderful ceremony — personal, meaningful and memorable.

Wendy Weavin | Wedding Celebrant


There are many common elements in Humanist ceremonies but they also offer a lot of freedom too.

Popular content includes…

  • What love and marriage mean to you.
  • Music and readings.
  • Your story — perhaps how you met, your shared values and interests, your dynamic.
  • Secrets — words from your partner, that you won’t hear until the day.
  • Vows reinvented — personal vows, promises or aspirations.
  • Symbolic acts — such as ring/gift exchanges or my favourite – handfasting.
  • The participation of friends and family.

The starting point is your imagination and the exploration of ideas that will have significance to you.

And when it comes to traditions, embrace those with real meaning to you, and exclude those that don’t. Make your own rules! But if the idea of full creative freedom sounds too daunting, don’t worry. I will be there to share ideas, make suggestions, and guide you through the process.

Humanist Celebrant | Wedding Renewal | Hand Fasting | Wendy Weavin
Wendy Weavin | Wedding Celebrant


This is what you get if you choose me to be your wedding celebrant:
  • An initial meeting where we discuss your plans for your big day and you can see if I would be the right celebrant for you!
  • A longer consultation meeting where we discuss what the ceremony itself might look like. This is where I collect all the information I need to design and write your bespoke ceremony.
  • Unlimited revisions of the script until you are completely happy.
  • A rehearsal just before the wedding day to settle the nerves and sort out any last minute hitches.
  • Full coordination with your venue, wedding planner, photographer, and musicians to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day
  • Bridal party briefing so your best man, bridesmaids, groomsmen and any readers know exactly what they need to do – and when!
  • And, of course, a fabulous ceremony that will have you (and all your friends and family) laughing, crying and CHEERING!
  • And finally a copy of your ceremony script in a presentation folder for you to treasure.
Wendy Weavin | Wedding Celebrant

Same Sex Marriages

Supporting LGBT marriages...

As a Humanist Celebrant I support marriage equality, and have been honoured to conduct many same-sex weddings. Humanist ceremonies are fully LGBT inclusive and always have been, indeed, Humanists UK (previously British Humanist Association) has been conducting ceremonies for same sex couples for at least two decades and were instrumental and supportive in the successful campaign for legal same-sex marriage.

Wendy Weavin | Celebrant | Weddings

Next Steps

The first step to having your dream wedding is to get in touch!

M: 07974 430 088

E: wendy@weavin.co.uk